Week 13 (V2)

Week 13 (V2) – Inductive Reasoning
Yes, I am so glad I am “auditing” this year’s MKMMA course.  SO MANY things I missed the first go-around.  This really is the ultimate self-help LAB.  Knowledge doesn’t apply itself.  “For sure,” as I have a whole library of self-help books that haven’t applied themselves, much.  However, now I have the proper tools in place to apply all that wonderful knowledge I’ve accumulated over the YEARS.  The key is to totally DISSOLVE the old blueprint over which I had been attempting to improve, but the thing is, now I realize it is FUTILE. Jed McKenna says you have to rip up the entire house structure, not just change the paint.

Inductive reasoning is looking at an Individual object and then figuring out how it came to be.  Thinking is a spiritual process.  As we have learned, the most important challenge in life is to master the mechanism (our brain) through which universal intelligence flows.  “With all thy getting, get understanding.”  Hmmmmmm  now I get it.  Because once you have learned and utilize this knowledge, “all things will be added unto you.”

I love to learn about the wisdom and courage of America’s founders.  Here is the complete quote of Benjamin Franklin’s Daily Prayer, a sentence of which is listed at the end of Week 13.  I have copied it onto one of my handy 3×5 cards for future reference.
O powerful Goodness!
bountiful Father!
merciful Guide!
Increase in me that wisdom which discovers my truest interest. Strengthen my resolutions to perform what that wisdom dictates. Accept my kind offices to thy other children as the only return in my power for thy continual favors to me.”   Amen.


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