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Week 20

The Spirit of Things …”God is Omnipresent…there is no place where God is not.” “What is the true business of life?  Correct scientific thinking.”  “What is inspiration? The art of realizing the omnipresence of Omniscience.” I looked it up; Omnipresence means constantly encountered, and Omniscience–omnishence–means the state of knowing everything. The Master Key edifies the … Continue reading Week 20

Week 17

This week Mark admonished us to “Understand and embrace that you’re Nature’s greatest miracle.  The evidence is in the vitality you educe from these Virtues.” This week I’m concentrating on “Well organized,” SIGH…  I’ve been getting ready to get ready for soooooo long.  I noticed on the Yellow chart, that organization is not one of … Continue reading Week 17

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